Thursday, June 14

It's All Supernatural

Ok ... I haven't posted since February.

I've been too busy pinning on Pinterest, blogging monthly on my work blog, training away, coming up with tips, tools and resources and thinking about the Supernatural.

It's everywhere! Books, movies and TV programmes especially. I've been watching Grimm and been creeped out by fairytales which come to life in this rather easy viewing series. 

My fascination with the other worlds started with reading fairytales as a child and later learning that most of the fairytales were supposedly based on truth. During the times of the Grimm Brothers there was darkness, forests, woods, danger and people did not venture outdoors after dark.

The Grimm Brothers history is incredible, they travelled to villages to meet people to hear and record their stories.They were professors and scholars and worked to record the stories. And we are lucky that people like the Grimm Brothers had the foresight to listen and help us remember!

It has been said that some or most of the fairytales served as a warning, for girls to stay tucked inside and warm at home and even warnings about men or fathers to keep women safe. Perhaps just warnings about what could happen to you after dark and perhaps what you could encounter in the woods. It seems like everyone was surrounded by forests and trees in those days. I get creeped out just thinking about what it must have been like then.

There is a darker side to fairytales and there are thousands of books, movies, adverts, programmes and the like which bring this premise to life. I loved this book review by Ammy Belle and the comments in this article which explores the origins of fairytales.

Now with Once Upon A Time just out in Australian TV; it begs the premise - are fairytales real? Or are they incredibly powerful stories because they tap into our consciousness, heighten our imaginations and make us question the known vs the unknown? And what is the fascination with angels, demons, vampires, werewolves, fairies, fairytales, goblins ... and so on?

Are we letting our horrible imaginations roam freely? ("Where there is no imagination, there is no horror," wrote Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Today there is a new universe in which our imaginations can roam: and it's horrible.)

Since I began to read; I have been surrounded by books about magic, werewolves and of course vampires. I have devoured books about good vs evil and I have been captivated by the idea of choosing and overcoming any battle along the way. These haven't all been fictitious books; I have read biographies and memoirs about people who had to battle very real demons and had to make very difficult choices. These memoirs have inspired me and taught me lessons I may have had no other way of learning.

In each fictitious book; it is incredible how much the main characters differ; some glow, some can freely walk around in the daytime, some are vegetarians!, some can change at will, some have no free will - what amazes me about stories is that they evolve and develop.
Here is a list of Supernatural books to read by - if you're curious about this genre.

I love reading and learning about the other world; the supernatural elements and books on fairytales. I don't believe in demons and I don't think that fairytales are in fact real but I do like to believe that there could be a once upon a time and a happy ever after because maybe, hopefully, in the end; good will defeat evil.


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