Friday, February 24


I've become addicted to -

I keep claiming that it's for work purposes, but I like the fact that I *don't have to check links and content when I just want to have a quick look at something - so I am loving how visual this site is and how it distracts me yet inspires me simultaneously.

*However if you are using Pinterest for business or even as an individual; you're clicking images to find original sources and just like on every other social media platform, you HAVE to check links and bios before using the images yourself. Certainly adjust/edit links which do not click to the original source AND try to use images that have cited the original sources rather than using images that just click to nowhere or anywhere else but. (Just a little tip :) )

It's nearly March and in the past year or so; I've barely blogged. In between trying to find clients and work contracts and trying to keep up with the amount of books i have on my to read list - every time I think of blogging I need to work or find content or read something/check something!

A few years ago; I was constantly searching for employment and had a lot of time to spend. I read a lot more books then I am reading now but funnily enough I am healthier and happier than I have been in a long time.

I love my work; while it can be challenging, it's invigorating and quite wonderful to have to connect, engage, join, share, write, answer and learn as a daily part of my work load.

I've become part of a book club and we're on our third book (More to come on that another time) and I am reading How I Became a Famous Novelist by Steve Hely and it's funny, witty, sharp and well you can read the review here:

I'd love to blog more, I'd love to read more but I did get one wish; I have found a career that I love. I do have many many goals I would actually like to aim for this year; I have become hard working in one area and a procrastinator in others.

How do you balance it all?

*It's not really a confession!

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