Monday, January 24


January is the time for me to assess the past year and plan the future year.

It seems that, after reading magazines and endless news posts about the subject that January is natural for making plans, for making resolutions and to map out the year ahead.

For me, it's the time to assess everything that is working and not working in my life. To look at what I have become too comfortable with and need to change and re evaluate and to find ways to improve on my self, my business and my home life.

I have 6 pets, a kitten, a budgie and four fish and I need to clean the tank more and mix the food and vitamin intake up a bit. Pets are expensive and need care and the right food and I am not so good at cleaning out the gravel and really looking after the tank although the fish are incredibly hale and healthy - it must have something to do with the antioxidant Japanese gold fish pellets I feed them.

Business wise I am in the process of making a 6 month plan. I have advised all my clients to do this and set up a working to do list and I think I must have one for myself and the business this year.

And home life, there are so many things I can do better, clean better, tidy better, really, I would love to live in a designer compact home that looks like it belongs in a magazine and actually live it!. But I am surrounded by books (must have a giveaway/swap) soon and when I look around me, there are so many little things I have put off.

So while I am away, I am going to make the appointments needed to get my place into the kind of place I can have visitors popping in anytime (cheesy!) and sort out all the little niggly stuff I have been putting off.

As January leads into February, the shortest month of the year and this year is going to be a freezing one for me; I'd love this year to be about improvement, comfort and working on my business any way I can.

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