Tuesday, March 1

In the blink of an eye, it's March

This year is going by so quickly and I cannot believe that in a single swoop January and February 2011 are gone!

I've spent the past, well most of this blog assessing myself, my lifestyle and my business/ work or lack of work.

And I have spent a lot of time, reading, thinking about all the things I have to do and working on the things that are important to me, my health, my family, my 3 nieces and nephew, my business and have spent days, months and years trying to better myself.

Life happens when we're making other plans and this March, like this February I am carrying on reading, running my business, trying to find a job, building and keeping relationships healthy and keeping my own health in check and letting life just take over.

I loved walking around London and letting myself discover new things, places, people, businesses and cultures. When you tire of London, you're tire of life and I am pleased that there is so much of life, ready to grab me, to grab us, to make us put aside the best laid plans and to try and fill my life with everything I can.

While still adding fruit to my diet and slathering myself in sunscreen and reading up on marketing and technology and doing the things I need to do; I am also stepping back from all the shoulds and learning how to embrace and enjoy things a little more.

A few days ago, while I was flying back from the UK, an earthquake hit Christchurch New Zealand and took with it hundreds of lives and utter devastation. Today, this morning there was 2 minutes of silence to remember the victims.

With the floods in Queensland and this earthquake, these natural disasters have been a symbol for me to look at and appreciate my own circumstances.

May all the victims R.I.P. and thank you to the world, Japan, UK, the 10 000 students, Australia, New Zealand and the USA for helping, coming to both country's assistance and showing the world that people, pets, cleaning up. rebuilding comes first and is possible and the most important things are helping, loving and caring for each other.

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