Friday, December 17

December ...

What a year it has been.

I now have part time employment doing social media, work I have been doing and loving for the past 3 years and I have a lot to learn and so much to gain in this role.

On my days off I assist my clients with their online marketing and I am looking at doing courses, basic courses to improve my skills next year.

It's Christmas in under a week and then new years and this year for me has all about finding work, using my skills and learning.

But also reading books and learning more and more and pursuing my career.

I am in the middle of Adrian Mole The Prostrate Years another incredible book by Sue Townsend. I love the Adrian Mole books, I find them absolutely hysterical and I love her writing.

This has been a full on year, so many interviews, books and trying to find a work. It's been busy, full on, exhausting, challenging, quiet, crazy and tiring.

I have thanked so many people and I am so lucky to have found work doing what I love.

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