Tuesday, November 9

November already?!

This year has sped by!

It's November and I am trying to assess what I have done and achieved this year.

I've read a LOT of books. I lost a cat and got a kitten (an incredible, fascinating, adorable, energetic ball of purr).

I've applied for hundreds of jobs and had some fantastic interviews. I've been doing the news story every day since February. I have found and been hired by clients. I have done some community exchange work, done temporary bit work, met loads of people who love their work and used Twitter to make connections and learn so much useless and mostly beneficial helpful stuff.

I have built up my business, made connections with some great people and learnt a great deal about both my business and the small business industry in general. Thanks to social media and networking and handing out business cards and talking to people.

I have social media endorsement after doing a 9 day workshop so I can give advice and assist other small businesses with what I have learnt while learning more and more myself.

I have watched way too much TV, terrible B grade horror movies, read hundreds of blogs, become too upset over the news and have not exercised nearly enough.

I am eating healthily and have fallen in love with coconut oil, organic products, wraps, nuts, seeds and herbs (and thrown them all over my food!)

I have watched people. Yes, this sounds strange but I have. I have watched how people are with each other. I have seen a great deal of love, kindness, great belief and faith this year and each time I have it restores me.

And I love what I do. I really do. I love what I do. I love the work I do, that it mostly doesn't feel like work and I have such a passion for it. I cannot believe how I have found work, a career, an industry which I love so much. This year has been the biggest learning year for me.

And now it's November. I've been giving advice about networking so I will take advantage of the quieter holiday period and network for myself and to help clients even more next year.

And no doubt I will read more books ...

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