Tuesday, October 19

Kindness, observing and drinking water ...

I have been drinking so much water lately; I feel a bit bad about the blog post about Africans who are in desperate need of pure/safe water that I have brought a stainless steel water bottle to fill and I aim to stop using plastic bottles and to fill up my bottle everyday instead.

I also am looking to donate towards a dam or treatment plant or sanitation plant in South Africa, if anyone knows?

I have got two weeks of my temporary job left and I have been learning that I am not used to a 9 to 5 environment. That I like being my own boss, being able to do errands and to plan my day around meetings, social media meet ups, networking functions or ideas, marketing, library visits and I read a lot more news sites, blogs and social media stuff in the morning to get inspired and to make plans for the day ahead.

Now I am rushing for the bus; doing what work needs to be done. And it is a great environment, lovely people and a bus away from my house. It's very pleasant.

At night I am coming home to do my story for my work the next day, catching up and I still have to find a 3/4 days a week job.

In between my temp job and my own business, I find the time to read on the bus to and from home. I have just started Sister by Rosamund Lupton which is an interesting creepy account of a girl who loses her sister and tries to piece everything together. It's really well written but a bit odd. I am trying to put all the pieces together so it is very intriguing.

And then for the acts of kindness. It takes one random act of kindness to help change the world.  I have been looking at lists with suggestions on doing so. Over the next few weeks I am going to devise my own list and tick it off. It's acts of kindness for self and others.

I just hope that I am learning and can use all of this when I go back to my business and searching for part time work.For now, I am observing a great work environment with extremely nice people and learning about myself .

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