Wednesday, June 2

Organising ...

I have a small business which takes a lot of work, effort and time. Even though I work from home, make appointments and visit clients; I spend a lot of time making sure that I make the most of my time with the business and my time away from doing work.

I realised that my life has to be and stay organised. I have to make time for pleasure and enjoyment and ensure that my home, my working environment not only suits me but also has to stimulate me and keep me motivated.

So this past week, I have been organising and envisioning what kind of work environment fits in with my home. My paperwork is paperless; things that need to be copied or on paper are filed away. I have a work manila file on top off my work cupboard in my spare room; so it's there but not taking over. I have a to do folder in my inbox and I have synchronised my tasks and appointments on my calendar with alarms so that my day is organised.

I have sorted out my mobile phone plan, my household expenses and am even looking at claiming work related expenses such as stationery, phone bills, petrol, travel expenses and lunches.Working from home, also means that I can take calls, watch movies, read and do other things as long as do my daily tasks.

I also have scheduled in lunch and coffee breaks away from the house to stimulate me more. And sometimes I can work (upload posts, create profiles, submit updates) until 9 at night.

I am looking for a part time job to stimulate my income and develop my skills further. I am deferring my Diploma of Marketing to do a Cert IV in Small Business Management and later on a graphic design course instead. I realised that although my key areas are marketing and networking; I also give small business advice, help with basic accounting, design and office admin assistance as well as organising events, submitting updates, marketing and networking ideas so I am thrilled that I am changing my course to benefit myself and my clients. I cannot wait to do Graphic Design, this is probably the semester after so I don't overload myself with studying and assignments. One course at a time!.

Organising has proven wonderful for me, my flat is tidy, my diary is synchronised and I even get to have a few hours off a day to sort things out, pay bills, get things fixed and have a coffee with a friend or a lunch meeting with a client.

This all means that things are falling into place for me. That I know where my skills and talents lie and I am so excited to watch my business grow and realise that I am loving my life. I planned to make it full and rewarding and I am slowly getting there. It has been the most incredible and empowering 7/8 weeks of my life.

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