Saturday, May 22

A journey ...

These past 5 weeks have been a journey.

I am going to bore you again and tell you I have been looking for full time work for over a year. That I have applied to many, many jobs. And I wanted to make sure that while I was unemployed and in this position; that I still did something with my life.

So I started a business and used it to go on a journey. I decided to do some studying whixh I started and have til next year to go; and I spent months researching, marketing, advertising, writing blog posts, setting up social media, reading books about all of this and building a personal brand for Social Status.

Bob Marley once said "Love the life you live, live the life you love." And for everyone, for me especially that means what ever choices I make and what ever direction I choose; I want it to be a full, passionate, interesting, learning, growing, exciting life, soulful, blissful and accepting. I believe in first do no harm and looking at people as role models, keeping healthy, addressing errors and issues and learning along the way. Oh and kindness, doing the occassional acts of kindness and being aware. And being surrounded by pets, books and having plants on my shelf and in my courtyard. And amazingly living like this; is suprisingly good and unexpected things keep happening.

I believe Bob Marley had it right; love your life, which I think means giving yourself permission to shine and allowing others to shine around you.To be proud of who you are, to being passionate and open and happy; really truly content.

My business is incredible. There is a lot of work involved and building the website took forever. But this passion, this feeling I get when I work and I don't feel like it is work (all the time, there are of course exceptions!) means that I am incredibly incredibly lucky.

It's a journey, a choice, decisions and growth some of us get the luxury and pure bliss in finally finding where our talents lie and our calling. And everything else, although it is hard and takes effort, work, energy and time, starts slotting into place.

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