Friday, May 7

Happiness is ...

Designing my own website on a free website program.

Getting sick and working out what supplements and things I need to get better as quickly as possible, I hate being sick. I love supplements, oats, nuts and seeds, LSA and wheatgerm, throwing berries on everything and I am still contemplating nutrition as a career.

Watching B Grade movies on Foxtel. I have watched so many bad movies while job searching and blogging and reading about social media.

Reading a very intense book written by Patricia Corwell about Jack the Ripper. It's all over the place and it seems like she throws information on every page and prattles so much that I keep losing sight of the case; but I love any history references. I love London, the medicine, the dirt, the poverty and disease of London in the middle ages and this book is gory, semi factual, quite appallingly written and yet I cannot put it down.

Learning to be more mindful,  in the psychological sense, which means learning to be flexible, more accepting, very aware and more Zen. I love Zen philosophy but mindfulness is a hard thing to put into practice.

And happiness definitely is going through 5 weeks of hell and realising that I am actually better and stronger than I ever imagined. And my broken foot seemed to have magically healed itself.

And in all that time, I got a client (or three), started building my business and carried on learning.

 I love giving business advice and learning about how to put my advice into practice. Six years of marketing experience definitely helps and I feel that everything I am teaching others I learnt myself through asking and doing.

Now I can offer my services as an advisor and help other market their businesses and become their own faces and voices.

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