Tuesday, February 23

Toes ...

It has been six days and I cannot move my toes.

I fell down some steps last Wednesday and instead of it being a simple fall that heals in a couple of days, it's become an injury that will take 6 weeks to heal. Two torn ligaments and a strained tendon, I was amazed that a simple fall could do that to a foot. In a moment.

And it has made me humble. I notice other people with limps and sprains and who have trouble walking. And I have been thinking of all the stories I have heard about professional sports people who tear their whatevers and can no longer play. Or cannot walk properly. Or who always feel some kind of strain or pain.

Last week someone told me to think about 3 things I was grateful about during the day before I went to sleep. And I have been thinking instead about how I have always been a bit of a klutz, falling, tripping, bumping into things and I have always taken my ability to get up and carry on for granted.

Now I am limping and everything takes so much longer; and I am appreciating the fact that even though I have been unemployed since June last year, I have been obsessing about work rather than taking the time to attend exercise classes and just be grateful that I could.

I am judging my injury by my toes. I wake up and try to wiggle them to get some movement. I will be grateful when I can walk fast and run. When I don’t have to rely on people to get around. And when I can finally move them and my foot again.

In the meantime, I can read books, watch terrible TV, order groceries online and think.

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  1. Sorry to learn about your fall. I can totally relate to your experience (my dodgy knees are making me a tad depressed).