Monday, February 15

Before I wake ...

I am reading a book about a miracle and I can't put it down.

Perhaps it is because I am not sure what I believe in myself.

Yes it is fiction but it questions a moment. An accident. Loss. And love.

I am halfway through the book when the press has just found out about Sherry, a girl on life support. Sherry is a 3 year old girl who is lying in limbo on life support in her mother Karen's home.

There are five people involved in the story. And Sherry is the sixth. I love supernatural elements and I do believe in angels. As a skeptic, I realise that faith is going to come into this book. And cynicism.

I feel like I picked up this book in a charity shop, because two weeks ago, I decided to study again. I joined a gym and started exercise classes . I have had two dental treatments and have quite a bit of dental work to go. I decided to take care of my health, to pack emergency diabetes kits and start attending to my health.

I decided that instead of moaning and groaning that I don't have a job, I could get a part time job, exercise and embrace my life. So in an essence, I started to attend to my mind and spirit. And somehow begin to make myself better.

I am not sure if this is a faith thing or a hope thing.

This first time novel by R.J. Wiersema questions belief, love, loss, fear and hope.

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