Sunday, January 17

I've always wanted to write a novel ...

and I think I'll start writing it as a blog.

I have an extremely overactive imagination so I don't think it will be hard writing a novel in blog post form. And if, only if, I think it is any good at all, will I write it properly, re edit it and make it into something substantial.

It will be a bit of a catharsis while I work as a very casual, casual shop assistant with a bit job thrown in for good measure.

It won't be complete or edited and it might not be very good. At 33, I am growing tired of longing for an ideal situation in my life.

I don't have the perfect career or boyfriend and there seems to be so much emphasis in that coming from chick lit novels and even magazine articles or perhaps it feels like that because I feel like I am not doing the things I want to achieve in life (my responsibility of course).

I do live in a beautiful home in Sydney surrounded by beaches and have to constantly remind myself how lucky I am. Actually I don't have to remind myself, I just pick up a newspaper, read a memoir and turn on the news.

So off to start a new blog and a novel ...

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