Monday, January 11

This year ...

January seems to be a time to reflect on the past year and re evaluate what my priorities are and need to be.

I love working in the book shop outlet as a casual assistant but would really like to find a full time job in marketing and start my career.

So it's time for me to job hunt with the security of knowing I get an income and can look for something which will really benefit my career.

I love working with books and customer service. This job has made me see that I can improve myself, work harder and ensure that I sell to customers and give book advice. I have been looking at top selling books in Borders and trying to stay knowledgeable of books, of movies coming out and books that are selling well which means that everyone wants to read them. It's been a lot of fun.

I just got an iPhone and have set up some free applications to assist me with my health and nutrition like vitamin applications, nutrition and health fitness tips and am looking for a food diary to record my eating and exercise so I can monitor it over a weekly basis. I need to keep my sugars in check and look after my diabetes.

Part of this year is to get my health in check and become aware of what I am eating. I also am exercising more as being in retail means a lot of moving, rearranging and carrying books.

I also set up an application to monitor my budget and monitor my incoming and outgoing finances. I love having all this information accessible at a fingertip and love the iPhone, it seems so user friendly and I have access to everything.

I have set up my calendar, my tasks and errands and even a remind me application. I want to organise my life!

This year I have decided to meet up with old friends, to make new friends and to be more sociable. I think even having a casual job makes this easier and I love having lunches and brunches with friends, knowing i am getting an income and am not spending money I don't have.

Everything gets added to my budget on the phone and if I overspend or buy too much rubbish it's all there. I have never been the most organised of people and I love the idea that I can change my life and outlook one day at a time.

This year is about change for me. I have 12 months to organise, to exercise and to make some positive changes. having the iPhone helps me to keep organised and on track and the rest is up to me.

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