Friday, January 22

Friday ...

Fridays are great aren't they?

It's the day you spend at work thinking about your weekends. Imagining sleeping in and making social plans.

I get up at after 8:00 am each morning to post a single news item on a system for the man I am working for. It's an hour a day every week day morning and today I was grateful that it is a Friday, because I get to sleep in tomorrow morning as well.

When you're unemployed, or at least when I have been I don't feel like I am doing what the rest of the world is doing. Getting up, going to work, slaving away at an office desk, or over the telephone or on the road, attending meetings, setting up tasks, hitting deadlines and more than likely feeling disgruntled about their lives. We spend an average 35 hours a week at work and some people spend closer to 50 or even 70 hours of their time there.

It's an all consuming and difficult situation to be in because those of us who are affluent, need work to satiate our lives. We need the income so we can go on holidays, eat out, buy clothes and better technology and to complain about how hard we work.

Working every day means to sacrifice a beautiful day like this one where I have a list of things to do which all involve going out and enjoying some of the sunshine. I don't have to tightly schedule my life over two days and five evenings when you are tired after work and have a lot to do.

I am virtually unemployed and while I enjoy having an hour a day every morning and a one day a week job, I feel so grateful that today, this Friday, I am grateful that I get to sleep in tomorrow morning and have made plans for the entire weekend. I am even more grateful for the fact that I have had a lot of time to think and question what is important about life.

I am working on Australia Day which is such a pity because I miss celebrating a very important Australian holiday with my friends. That generally means a big lunch and time with friends. In Australia it is a huge drinking day and I am working near a beach so I am very curious to see what it will be like on that day.

I couldn't even refuse to work the public holiday because that would mean no work at all for the entire week. It just happened to fall on my one scheduled work day.

I have spent the morning posting a news item into a system and sending out my resumes to jobs and to individual companies.

I have a few things I need to do, book appointments, schedule in appointments, grocery shop and I am so glad its Friday.

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