Friday, January 29


Another Friday.

This one completely hectic. Signed up for a TAFE course and spent hours trying to get my last name changed on my student card. Turns out that someone accidentally put one wrong letter and two hours later, there seemed to be no way to change a tiny little hitch.

I have to have dental treatment for my teeth, which are showing signs of being affected by my diabetes. And after the morning at TAFE I spent the afternoon going from dentist, to doctor, to dentist to get the correct forms and get approval to get the treatment done. I start treatment next week and I am terrified.

I lost my casual job today as well; I received a text that work is extremely quiet (which I knew) and I was no longer needed. So back to the job hunting boards and recruitment agencies.

I got my blood tests back, everything is low, my cholesterol, my triglycerides, everything is border line low which is really good because it means my risk of complications is less, but my blood sugars over the past 3 months are extremely low. Must make an appointment with endocrinologist next week.

I have a job interview on Monday for a part time job, I am still doing my bit work and I am reading three books at once.

I am really enjoying reading The Ambulance Chaser which is set in Sydney and is a good look at law, an honest lawyer and insurance companies. I love the way the book is written. It's quite wry and I love reading about places I am familiar with.

I am going on the direction of a career at last. I am a part time student again, looking for work and paving my way, somehow into making this a year of aiming towards a job I want and a career I am after.

So Monday means really looking for work again, preparing for studying and applying for work while meantioning that I am currently studying a Diploma of Marketing.

I am trying to convince myself, that this year will be better than the last. The Wii Fit Plus helps, have been doing step ups and burning according to a calorie counter.

So many things to do; but now must relax after my aaarrgghh day.

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