Thursday, December 3

Job applications ...

As you have gathered by now (and are probably quite bored of hearing), I am still looking for a full time position.

I believe after managing and owning a second hand bookshop, being an Ideas Coordinator for a writers' centre and an Office Manager for a publishing company that I have experience and skills in a few areas.

I have business office administration skills, meaning I can do the filing, answer emails and queries, take messages, arrange and coordinate meetings, organise lunches, small events, order stationery, do virus checks on computers, take payments, send invoices, liaise with a range of people. I can meet deadlines, prioritise which are the most important tasks and do the admin work.
I love communicating and marketing. I design leaflets, brochures, business cards using Publisher, make slide shows on PowerPoint, design blogs using Blogger layouts, design Twitter profiles and make Facebook pages for businesses.

I also can write articles and blog posts and understand the ethics behind business and have a general idea of how to liaise with a wide range of people. I also have an idea of how to respond to comments and queries, soft sell via marketing and promotions and learnt how to listen to others.

I am constantly learning and I am lucky because I love learning and if I don't know the answer, I will find it. I am interested in many things, health, nutrition, books, publishing, animals, vets, people's stories and social media marketing and networking come quite naturally to me.

I like people. I am interested in what people say. And I love hearing about business practices, ideas, innovation and things that people have tried.

I believe that I would make an excellent marketing/communications coordinator. And assist with all aspects of this role, writing and updating content, liaising with people, answering queries, using promoting and marketing tools and finding answers and coming up with ideas.

In the meantime I have just volunteered for my third voluntary position. I think it has really helped me to be involved with a charity and a business while I have been out of work. i don't feel isolated and I feel like I am learning and achieving. I mainly do the social media marketing for them but i also assist with computer queries and have attended a few events.

I also have applied for casual and part time jobs over the Christmas period, so if you have or are aware of a position, please let me know.

The funny thing is that by doing volunteer work, it just makes me want to do an actual paid job. I feel I have the skills. I am trying so hard not to be idle and not to be a stereotypical unemployed person; that I constantly fill up my days.

So if you or someone you know would hire me, that's just what I need.

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