Wednesday, December 9

More books ...

Just been applying for Christmas casual positions, such as shop assistant, retail, merchandising, stacking shelves and out of the 15 plus jobs I have applied for I only heard back from two.

Or should I say, that hearing back from 2 is actually a good thing?

One who asked me for an interview and said they would text me the interview location, didn't. I tried to email and call to ascertain the location but heard nothing from them.

And the other responded straight away to my application and arrange an interview for this Friday.

So all this has inspired me to keep on ....

I have been reading more and more books lately, I am in the middle of The Family That Couldn't Sleep which is a fascinating and intriguing look at a prion disease called Fatal Family Insomnia (FFI) People in the family cannot sleep because the disease is passed through DNA and it took years to discover what was happening to the family.

It is an incredible look at disease and the family and it is so well written.

So perhaps I will get the job in the book outlet.

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