Wednesday, November 4

Jobs, interviews, applications and staying busy ...

When I tell people I am unemployed their faces seem to drop and they always ask, "What do you do all day?"

I am not sure if people imagine that you sit at home, stare at the walls, watch TV or drink all day. Unemployed people probably sleep in, don't shower, wear tracksuit pants, eat junk food, don't exercise and do nothing at all, all day long.

What if you're unemployed and have children? You have to pack lunches, prepare uniforms, take and fetch them to and from school, go to after school activities and keep them stimulated and entertained.

Or if you're unemployed and you care for an elderly person?

Or you're unemployed and you have a family to support?

Or you've just finished high school or university and cannot find work and someone has to support you?

Life doesn't stop.

Being unemployed does sometimes mean that things are a bit slower. I can take a long walk and I can take a few hours off for lunch or a movie. Most days I look for jobs from 9am til about 3pm. I make phone calls, apply, follow applications and submit to temp companies.

I also volunteer either by assisting with a company's social marketing which is about 3 times a week and I do computer training once a week.

I spend time with my nieces and my family because I have the time.

I research industries, exercise, stay positive, go to job fairs. I am looking at careers counselling and courses and I am doing a course in February next year.

My day and my life revolves around finding a job, becoming better and more efficient at what I do, studying, eating healthier and enjoying my life.

My life hasn't stopped at all. i am busy. Either applying, helping someone out, researching a company, marketing another company, arranging an event or just applying.

Grrr, I'd like a job.Who is unemployed? Come and tell me your story.

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