Friday, October 23

Better and better ...

A better person, a good person, a better woman?

I'm writing about actually becoming better physically and mentally inside and out.

I think having viral flu helps because I HAVE to eat oranges and take vitamins and supplements and drink lites of water and rest.

But I've also walked and sat and watched the sea and measure who I am and what the word better really means.

Improving my resume? Being grateful for what I have? Being positive? Being more open to others?

Supplements and vitamins help, I certainly feel stronger just by eating more salads and oranges and adding cinnamon to coffee. I've been drinking Anlene and taking walks. It makes me feel better and stronger.

Being better is a personal thing. What makes me feel better is engaging with friends, reading books, learning, finding and searching for jobs I like and improving myself.

I love gardening and watching things grow. I love spending time with my nieces and watching them grow. I love smiles and animals. I love eating fruit. I've enjoyed finding out about health and nutrition and listening to what happiness means to an individual person.

It also means getting stuff done.

For me it's answering emails, applying for jobs, taking calls and returning calls. Tidying the flat, feeding pets, giving and showing love, taking time out to spend with others, folding laundry, washing the wooden floor, applying for jobs, taking a walk and eating enough fruit and veggies to get through the day. What makes me feel better is when I look back on the day and I feel I have achieved what I needed to do and I feel good.

I am not writing about a perfect life, I am thinking of a better life.

I want a better positive and full life which means giving a thousand fold. Better and better.

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