Thursday, October 15


My life seems to revolve around themes and this one lately has been about hope.

Now I am lucky because I am not hoping to get out of a place I can't bear to live in or to get away from someone you are terrified of. Or hoping a child gets better. Or hoping after a father dies, that the mother and son can make enough money to keep going. or hoping to get through cancer.

That's hope.

It's also about expectation, hoping that something goes right. A successful dinner for your partner. A great job review and possibly a job offer. A hope to win a prize or a game. To find the perfect pair of shoes to go with the dress. To get home on time to read to your child.

And then there are the 3 virtues, hope, faith and charity. With words like loyalty, trust, belief, genuine and truth.All the good words.

I suppose that the ultimate hope the ultimate believe of hope is that there is a faith in believing that everything will turn out right. Even if a child is dying or a family cannot support itself.

There is an incredible aspect of hope that seems to be based on blind faith where there is a certainty, a faith in yourself, a belief that even if it does not live up to your expectation that it will be okay. For those people who have hope, who have faith and believe in charity, they must be incredibly patient people.

To me hope is being patient about my job hunting. I have so many of my needs met (although I would love someone to clean my birdcage today while I'm out!)

I just hope that people can look beyond themselves and give to charity and get all the things that they hope for. And to give hope to others.

What do you hope for?

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