Tuesday, October 13

So many things ...

Okay, I usually look for work half of the day. I generally start at 9am and depending on the amount of applications I have to do, I usually apply for at least 8 jobs so I finish applying by 3pm.

But what do I do the rest of the day?!

Well I sometimes am so busy that I have to remind myself that I have to apply for jobs. I see my nieces every week and go to a dance class or painting session and have lunch. I am glad I get to spend time with them which I would not be able to as much if I had a full time job.

I tend to apply at home on the laptop but I also go between my local libraries to make contact with others and get out of the house. On those days I walk or take the bus to the libraries. I try to walk everyday. Try to, some days I get wrapped up in a book or a news site or read a blog and I have to remind myself that my job is looking for a job!

When I am not applying, I read a lot of fiction and since I am going through a theme, books about cats both domestic and wild.

I enter competitions and sometimes win books (Thanks Harper!) and I just won tickets to Breakfast on the Bridge which I am very excited about.

I spend time on Twitter, making contacts and networking and have received a bit job ( Thanks Zazoo!) applied for jobs on Twitter, met a recruiter from Twitter and may assist at a conference in November. So Twitter has been wonderful.

I am considering studying nutrition online and still working on building on my skills, contacts, networking and updates so I get closer and closer to get my dream job.

And I have been invited to meet the Premier of NSW at an event tomorrow morning.

There are so many things to keep me going. I try to keep my health in check by eating salads and adding seeds and herbs to everything. I am studying further, staying in touch with news and bulletins and making contacts on twitter while searching for work.

If someone had to ask me how do you cope being unemployed, I'd say this. Volunteer, work in a cafe or shop even if the pay is extremely low, take a course, look for jobs everyday but walk, take time off, be grateful for the time to find out who you are and learn about your priorities.

I'm budgeting, spending less, eating as well as I can and finding bit and part time work and learning things all the time ... until I get to where I want to go.

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