Thursday, July 30

Seeking work

Ideally I'd love a full time role as a marketing coordinator or assistant so I can use my marketing and communications experience but in the meantime I am happy to work part time, on a contract or temporary basis ... I am happy to do so.

And I'd love to develop my skills further. So I am happy to offer these skills on a freelance, temporary, contract basis:

1) Write blog posts
2) Write cover letters
3) Help with resumes, check references, check resumes etc
4) Research relevant content for articles, blog posts, reports, etc
5) Edit or proof read copy
6) Write and assist with newsletters, emails and other necessary content
7) Check grammar and spelling, on websites, newsletters, blog posts, articles, brochures etc
8) Assist with any sort of communication ... including emails, promotion, campaigns, marketing ideas and follow through.
9) Be a girl Friday
10) Reception and admin duties
11)Liaise with necessary people on the phone and via email
12) Assist with a project
13) Assist with coordinating events, PR, contacting and liaising with the relevant people.

Send me an email ... I am a quick learner, am enthusiastic and helpful and am able to handle whatever work I can.

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