Tuesday, August 4

books and documentaries ...

Talk about having a chance to learn so much.

I've been watching documentaries on mega lion prides, a virtual army of 28 lions living in the Kruger National Park and having to survive inner fighting and having to fight every night to eat food.

I watched the plane landing in the Hudson and listened to people who believe that after an experience like that, they have to do something with their lives. They were given a second chance.

Most documentaries are about survival, or something miraculous or about something that adds insight into my own life.

And the books I am reading are the same. A quest to fill my time, to learn something and to gain insight.

And while this has been a wonderful learning experience and for the past 3 months, I have developed excellent job hunting skills, great and inventive ways to write cover letters and been able to fill my days. I've developed interests in gardening skills, time out, house arranging and staying positive.. I've exercised, learnt to budget grocery shop and to make time for my friends and family by popping over for dinner and coffee - I'd really like to get a job.

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