Sunday, May 17

What to do when you're unemployed?

Because every site I have looked at uses words like stress and anxious I think that we (please if you are unemployed ... I'd love to hear from you) should look at positive ways to deal with unemployment.


1) Look for work everyday, but make it a goal not a full time job. I plan to apply for at least 6 - 8 jobs a day.

2) Try to wake up and plan your day around work hours. Start looking for work at 9am, take a lunch break.

3) I believe that while you have to stay open about searching for jobs, applying for a set goal everyday is more than enough.

4) Take time out, find free stuff to do. Go for a walk everyday ... in the last few days, I've found that a walk has helped it's free and distracting.

5) Upload your resume on job sites and contact job agencies. If a job does come up that you're suitable it's good to know that you have been in regular touch with agencies and you'll be thought of if you stay in regular touch.

6) Let people know you are unemployed, not just agencies but friends. You never know if they might hear of a job opening.

7) Take a course. A course will either help with business skills or like me I'm looking at doing a night course, that is inexpensive and will keep me out of a rut.

8) If you do have money in savings, leave as much as you can in there. And set up a budget so you can see where you will be realistically spending. Everything is outgoing at the moment, groceries, rates, pet bills ... make sure your budget is realistic.

9) Cancel things you don't need. DVD rentals, takeaways, the cleaner, a fortnightly spending spree. Either look for cheaper options or see if you can get things free. Enter competitions, go to the library, go to a cheap grocery shop like Aldi.

10) Take baths, they're the best.

11) Volunteer or baby sit or visit an old aged home ... whatever. Make sure you get out once a week and do something that makes you feel good.

12) If you've been unemployed for a while, change your schedule around. Go for a walk at 9am, phone agencies, then apply for 6-8 jobs.

13) Then turn your schedule around.

14) Chat to people. I do on my walks. I've also started taking a free course on Tues nights and I have been visiting friends and having dinner.

15) Search for info on the net. Find positive things about being unemployed. I found the blog I linked to, there is so much info ...

16) I've got the chance to fix up my courtyard and sort out my plants. And read books. And bath.

17) I've also tried applying for part time and contract work ... to keep me going.

18) Keep your fingers crossed that you will get to have interviews and practice your interview skills. Write lists about what kind of work you'll be good at and what your strengths and abilities are. Practice helps.

19) I'm lining up a Saturday job for myself. If I get it, I have work once a week and that will keep me in groceries. :)

20) Um ... now I'm ranting.

I've found that my friends have been very helpful. One of my friends suggested gardening my courtyard. Another asked me to come along to a free course. And others have recommended that I take a job once a week to keep my options open while earning a little bit of money.

As positive as I try to be, I know there will be days overspend my budget or don't contact agencies but I do know that I can start again the next day. And I look at getting advice, tips, salery expectations and job interview hints (like the nerd I am)

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