Tuesday, May 12

More books ...

I won a Penguin Australia competition (yay!) and when I went to pick up the books I ordered through QBD - which took much longer, although I did order 8 books for $65 - really reasonable, although it took about 3 weeks longer.

Anyway I won a book called Hopetoun Wives and was thrilled - thanks Penguin Australia.

So now I have 11/12 books to read and not sure if I am comfy with ordering online. I like touching the books and reading the first page before I buy. But I did find that the more you buy from QBD, means that you pay nothing for delivery and so I now have 8 books for a very resonable price.

I have so many books on my kitchen counter and have started with The Sisterhood, by Emily Barr. I love her books and although this book is a bit slow to get into, I like that it is dark. It seems to be about two women who are lost, whose lives are empty. They are not the sort of characters, readers envy and I like that. I like that they are not likeable or warm and I like that the story is dark, is a little creepy ...

I will make a list of the other books I ordered. I haven't really had time to read lately. I have actually been getting out and doing more. Having dinners with friends, watching Greys (and getting a little transferred insight into my own life ) and wait for it ...

having to look for a new job, I am apparently not the planky admin type my manager wanted (a good thing!)

So I was let go yesterday and I am once again looking for a marketing assistant/coordinator position. Any ones who knows someone looking for a passionate communicator with plenty of ideas and follow through ... I am happy to do admin, make calls, do office work as long as there is a creative element and I can use the skills I have, communicating, marketing, networking, blog posts and arranging launches, events, talks, you name it.

so job hunting again ...

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  1. Lol congratulations on getting laid off!

    job hunting sucks though. Got laid of a few weeks ago too. Blaming it on Bush.