Wednesday, May 6

Latest books ...

I ordered 4 books from Book Bargains, paid and they were delivered a day later. I picked them up on Saturday morning and I couldn't put Tabloid Love down.

Bridget made the choice to leave England, her own house/flat in Shepard's Bush and her boyfriend Angus for an exchange being a tabloid reporter for New York's Post. 3 years later, she's a columnist writing about her dating experiences in New York and what it was like moving to New York and being single in her thirties. What I liked most about the book is that Bridget was honest and modest, about her successes and didn't give too much away. The book was very real, very open and so lovely to read.

This book was like a conversation with a friend and and interesting look at what it takes for a woman to pack up and leave a fairly successful life behind to pursue a dream. Bridget always wanted to be a tabloid journalist. She was lucky enough to become a columnist and experience New York ...

I also ordered a copy of Pretty Little Mistakes, a contemporary choose your own adventure novel with 150 endings. I couldn't decide if I wanted to go to college or not, if I wanted to travel ... this book is fantastic and I am on my third attempt of making some fantastic life choices. ( I may be reading too much into this book and transferring it to my own life).

I am thrilled to see that her next book is Million Little Mistakes - a book winning millions and choosing what to do with the money out in 2010 and then there is another called Jennifer Johnson Sick of Being Single - I love Heather McElhatton's writing style and I am a huge fan of her first book.

I love the idea of making choices and seeing where this leads, pretty Little Mistakes is great fun to read (and in my case reflect) and I think Million Little Mistakes will be an eye opener.

I have just started reading the third book I selected May Contain Nuts is about Alice and modern parenthood where children start getting ready for secondary school in nursery school, get driven everywhere, get molly coddled and have a life packed with activities ... it's a good look at what mothers have to deal with.

And I have not started Someone like Me. Tales from a Borrowed Childhood, can't wait to start reading this, how could I not with such a great title?

Have you read any of these books?

Thanks Book Bargains for such an easy purchase.

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  1. Those all sound like great books. Thanks for sharing.