Monday, April 20

Best Book Sites

Librarians, book worms and book geeks unite.

We seem to be taking over the Internet with book blogs, library websites, library blogs, books worms who are networking, book forums and thousands and thousands of sites on the Net which find books, review books, have book competitions, download books, recommend books and sell books.

In the past few years I have felt more and more connected on the Internet through websites which keep me updated on the best books all over the world and I have made 'friends', written reviews, found thousands of bookworms, won books and followed bloggers who have published books.

My first link to a great book blog is Dog Ear Diary which has been winning rewards for being a blog which has excellent book reviews and diverse subject matter.

If you have a book blog or have a favourite book site, please send me the urls so I can start listing them. I am so pleased to be a complete geek.

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