Wednesday, April 22

Today's election in South Africa

I don't think that Zuma should be President of South Africa.

He is not recognising important elements of what the country needs. There is corruption and extreme poverty that needs to be addressed. People need houses, they need AIDS antiretroviruls.

They do not need a corrupt leader who made 'promises' without saying what he is promising.

South Africa needs zero tolerance to crime, they need an education system to stop teens murdering and raping, they need the state to build basic homes. They need hospitals with the basics, water, electricity.

They need corrupt politicians to be jailed and zero tolerance to crime. People rape babies in South Africa ... enough is enough.

South Africa needs true leadership whether it is by African or Anglo Saxon standards. Give people something to strive for, something of value in their life, basic standards of living which they don't have and jail rapists and murderers.

Stop the crime.

Stop making disgusting references to AIDS and start facing the fact that AIDS is killing one in three women in South Africa and leaving millions of orphans.

South Africa needs a leader with morals, who is educated about AIDS, who will find ways to build homes and provide its country, its people with the basics that they need. With these basics, people may stop raping and murdering.

Perhaps if the rapists and murderers had a basic home with water and electricity. If they were educated and actually had a goal. If they could see a future for themselves that is crime free, or realise that they could become someone of worth, maybe one day the crime will stop? Look at movies like Tsotsi and Jerusalema. The themes are the same, young boys who turned to crime because they had nothing else to live for.

This is South Africa.

Without all the basic and essential things addressed in South Africa, with corruption, with a man having unprotected sex (or rape) with a woman and then showering to prevent AIDS ... I don't see South Africa growing and developing and improving.

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