Thursday, March 19

Thinking about important things ...

I have been blogging on this blog for years. Literally. I started this blog in 2005 and 4 years later I am still working on the things I have addressed in posts over the years.

I have grown up a lot, worked in a few jobs, put on weight and lost it again, moved, brought a budgie, started learning how to garden and addressing the important things. I've picknicked, napped, tried new things, cried, laughed and met people.

I have read - let's see 4 years - an average of two books a week - that's over 420 books!

I've read trashy magazines, newspapers, blogs and watched people grow. My sisters have had baby girls, my friends have met their loves of their lives, people have lost, died, won, found each other even if it is only in books and movies.

I loved finding this, 100 questions about your character, your personality, who you are. And I think that the point is, well my point is, is that I will never stop growing and learning. I have watched and observed, read and blogged because I wanted to understand a little bit about everything. Now I want to participate, to get involved to do kind things, to just be.

For me the important things are finding the things you love, the things you are good at, the things that make you happy and make sure that those things are a regular part of your life.

For me it's:

my cat
chatting to random strangers
patting dogs
finding out information
bubble bath
doing something random that makes someone else's day
being aware

And this blog is helping me to embrace my participation!

What are yours?

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