Monday, March 30

What can't you do?

Bit of a theme really, if you're an office manager or for want of a better title Business Coordinator (love it!) there's really nothing you can't do with the aid of Google, copy and paste, Twitter,, Microsoft help and so many more.

In the last few days, I have set up a data base, learnt how to write an advertorial copy and selected images for advertising material. I Googled, asked around, found examples and ... did.

Frankly i like how many tools are accessible to me at work. I like examples and answers and finding a better way to do things.

But I also like eating lunches, walking on my lunch break, stretching, going to get a glass of water and not feeling that I HAVE to work a 9 hour solid day like in my last job.

I am feeling more balanced and healthier. I am also trying to find answers, solutions and build up a brand and reputation. Not easy, but thanks to the Internet and patient people (and a decent lunch hour) it's an easier more balanced work day.

I get to read to and from work, walk to and from my bus stops ... I'm loving this balance.


  1. it's as much as i suspected - you don't have to be working 70 hours a week to be mentally stimulated and challenged. in fact, you can work completely normal hours and find other ways to get the brain ticking and learn even more!
    i completely agree with you. enjoy your balance, i hope to achieve and maintain it soon!

  2. Sounds like we're in a similar place. I'm working toward a healthy balance.