Saturday, February 21


I am sitting here watching TV while looking at blogs on the Internet. It's an overcast Saturday, I am wearing an awful t-shirt and drinking coffee.

I need to not think today. I have been applying for jobs all week and stressing about my ATM card, about staying home too much and about having meaning and value in my life. I am also while watching programmes finding value in comments like:

Regret makes us old. Bitterness poisons those around you from One Tree Hill and comments about not being an observer in life but participating in life from Gilmore Girls. These two programmes have been keeping me company.

I have also been looking at charities like One which provides the world water through buying one drink so the world can drink too and installing PlayPumps. Children can play on these and pump water at the same time.

And I found a charity called Room to Read and took an interest in what this organisation is doing for and in South Africa. There is a great story behind this. The charity's founder John Wood, left Microsoft to found this. He had been travelling and came across a lack of resources for children. They were reading books backpackers left behind. Since 2000, this organisation has been helping children get educated through books, libraries and schools and John Wood's book was published in 2008.

Essentially I have been trying to find value and meaning in my life and reading about people who have changed other people's. I subscribe to their newsletters and support them.

But today it's about taking a rest from worrying, job hunting and searching for meaning ... through TV

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