Tuesday, February 17

chick lit, job hunting and rain

That sums up my weekend.

It has been raining since Friday and I have a cold. So I am in bed with a laptop looking for jobs and when I get tired of applying I have been reading chick lit.

I have just finished reading Bed Rest about a women who had to lie down the last three months of her pregnancy. It was pure fiction, she ate cookies, got depressed and had a good long look at her marriage.

I have just started reading The Secrets of Married Women, another easy chick lit about life and marriage. I love reading about marriages and relationships and the way they fall apart. I like reading about women, their flaws and mistakes and that the world we live in is real not a fairytale. Chick lit seems to be getting more introspective and the deeper ones seem to be about women finding out who they are, who they want to be with and written in the way you would talk to a really close friend.

They're worth reading to me because I am always analysing, trying to keep things in perspective and I read the news and plenty of memoirs. The reality is that one day I won't get the job I want and the life I want, I will get so much more than I ever imagined.

Job hunting has been fantastic. I have been getting interviews and replies. I have gotten into a pattern of looking for work 5 hours a day. I have been looking at what work I can do and what salary would be ideal.

I must admit I haven't been eating well or exercising.I'm watching a lot more TV, reading 5 books a week and searching for jobs. It's been a rush and an eye opener.

Are you unemployed?
What do you do to make you happy? how do you spend your time?
How many hours a day do you look for jobs?
Are you happy?
And what have you learnt?

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