Monday, February 23

a little bit about me ...

1. I was born in South Africa and live in Sydney, Australia.
2. I made up the name Ebbye Ryan when I decided I'd be an author when I was 16 or 17.
3. I wanted to be a vet at one stage, then I realised I didn't have such good marks and I'd prefer not to deal with unhappy animals. I was a vet assistant and loved feeding them and taking dogs for walks.
4. I was a nanny and hated being a substitute mom.
5. I have been a waitress and worked in a warehouse and had a few other casual jobs - all the jobs I've had have given me great learning skills.
6. I started this blog in 2005 and it has helped me with my business. One day I am going to print it all out and wrap it in ribbon. I've developed my writing skills through these posts.
7. I have become a homebody, I love staying home.
8. I love marketing and networking. So much that I want to get a degree in this and make it my career. Career wise I have been incredibly happy these past 4 years. I have decided what I want to do and found something I am good at.
9. I barely follow through with plans and it drives my friends crazy. I tend to say no a lot. This has to changes.
10. I think about healthy eating and exercise a lot more than I do anything about it. But I have improved in the past 5 years.
11. I am scared of everything.
12. I love reading and will read 5 to 7 books a week. I have become addicted to chick lit and memoirs.
13. I love drama and relationships. I really love the psychology behind it all and I am constantly trying to work people out.
14. I've stopped trying to please people.
15. I love sunshine.
16. I love hearing people's stories.
17. I eat chocolate all the time.
18. I cry for street children, for starving children and for children with AIDS on the news.
19. But I cry more when an animal dies or gets hurt. I cannot stand animals in pain.
20. I love Cape Town.
21. If I get excited about a subject matter, I can talk non stop. I get excited about really childish things still..
22. I want to donate a year of my salary towards an AIDS organisation. I have been thinking of how and which one for the past three years.
23. I want to be a better friend, sister, person, cook, listener but I am incredibly lazy and can be annoyingly stubborn.
24. I think having a job defines me. This has become apparent while job hunting but I am really pleased and thrilled that I have grown my own tomatoes and herbs. It's the little things.
25. I want to live my life without regrets and be proud of everything I have done to tell my grand children.

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