Friday, January 23

Friday ...

It's a relief when you're working and this weekend is a long weekend so what a fantastic day.

For me, it's just another day. I am job hunting, answering emails and thinking of ways to stay focused and positive.

And there are a lot of things which happened this week which have made me incredibly happy

- Obama is President of the United States
- my sis had a beautiful baby girl
- I grew tomatoes in my courtyard - cherry ones and they are delicious
- I have been networking
- I have been applying for jobs for at least 2-5 hours a day
- I started exercising
- I've been um ...

It's a gorgeous sunny day, my flat is clean, I've been applying for work, I am going to meet a friend for lunch. Things could be worse, much much worse if you look at the news here or in South Africa ... I am incredibly lucky.

Sure, I need a job and I am trying to find one through contacts, networking, recruitment agencies and applications.

I am planning on emailing companies next week and being more forthright.

It's Friday, I am going to treat this day like a work day, and then enjoy the long weekend.

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