Wednesday, January 21

following a healthy plan

On Saturday I started exercising and eating herbs in my garden.

I've been taking wheatgrass shots and drinking a shot of aloe vera juice.

I am starting to feel healthier and happier.

My cousin and I walked for over 2 hours yesterday. We stopped for lunch in Bronte midway and then carried on walking. It was nice and slow but it felt wonderful. We started at my place, then in Bronte and then to Bondi Junction, watched a movie and took a bus back. We had a brilliant and healthy day.

I watched Obama's inauguration at 4am this morning and even though I am completely exhausted have applied for my 8/10 jobs a day. I've had some fruit juice with antioxidants and I am planning on swimming later if I am awake enough.

I am planning on cleaning the flat and reading now.

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