Thursday, January 29

Peaches ...

It's been an incredible summer.

I'm lucky that I get to spend time in the sun and the heat and get to wear shorts, bikinis and skimpy t-shirts. It has been incredibly hot lately and I have been eating salads and watermelon.

Peaches remind me of childhood and I have been eating those huge hairy orange ones - they're hard to find and a pleasure to eat them when I do.

I've been job hunting and contacting recruitment agencies. I have been sending out resumes and applying for jobs all over the place. It's time to contact companies and get more proactive.

After I spend about 5/6 hours a morning job hunting, I see my parents and get to spend time with my nieces, or go for a walk or garden - it's great to enjoy everything.

1 comment:

  1. Fruit reminds me of places I have lived. Plumbs seem to trigger Athens Greece in my mind. They used to grow on the public streets and I would pick and eat them on the way home from school