Sunday, January 18

every day is the weekend ...

Which means that I really have to keep track of time.

Usually I spend most of my day looking for work and then I either read, garden or find something inexpensive to do.

I've done a lot of reading lately and I have discovered a great ex South African author living in Sydney Joanne Fedler.

I've been reading about 6 books a week, mainly chick lit, memoirs and even a book called The Know It All Book 365 steps to being very clever indeed.

It's been a hectic month, my job hunting is like having a part time job ( I am praying for interviews and more response), I have even been researching healthy food habits and I have started walking around Bondi in the afternoons - looking at shop windows and drinking coffee but walking at least!

I read so many online newspapers, I think I am becoming a complete bore but I am thrilled that Zuma will have to go to retrial and so many people are discussing this, there are remarks
that it is unconstitutional, but I am so glad because I think Zuma is a rapist.

Seeing that it is Sunday and I started looking for jobs really early, I am going to go out for pancakes.

Then my cousin is staying for a few days, so there will be shopping and cleaning to do. Molly Blue is a bird, they are filthy, there are feathers everywhere and Hemingway dragged in a mouse last night.

I hate having guests over and the place is not spotless so it gives me a reason to actually clean up. I'm looking forward to her staying, it will make my job hunting hours more specific.

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