Sunday, December 28

The year is ending ...

I cannot believe that in a few days, the year will have ended.

And since I lost my job, I have started two small businesses, made friends, learnt how to garden and have been attempting to keep my budget.

It is the worst of times and the best of times for me. America is in recession and Australia is feeling it. I have to budget and make sure that I eat in and don't buy anything that I don't need at the moment.

While looking for work, I have also been looking at my two small businesses and having been coming up with a business plan and ideas for them. I plan to market both businesses in January and attend events and meet other entrepreneurs.

I am still looking for marketing positions and when I get tired of doing so, I have been gardening. I have been reading memoirs and I am on page 189 of Name All The Animals by Alison Smith. i picked it up in a bookshop and loved the title. This book is honest, warm and a complete account of Alison's life. She really wrote this from the heart which makes the book so fascinating. 

I really got into this book from the second page and it amazes me how Alison grew and thought and grew up. I really love this book and have enjoyed reading so many memoirs over the last three weeks. 

I feel like everything has been and is a major opportunity. I am looking at who I am and what I am capable of but even more so I am looking at my flaws. In terms of my businesses, I want to develop them and market them both according to a business plan and plan on making a huge effort with them both.

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  1. I admire your tenacity..
    Keep on trying - i know yr going to do well... keep us posted - i have a feeling big things are around the corner... (and for me too i hope!)