Wednesday, December 24

Day before ...

It's the day before the official holidays.

It's Christmas day tomorrow and I am going out to get some presents for a friend, I have a huge Christmas lunch to attend tomorrow - with 3 friends and I can't wait. It's a buffet with seafood, Christmas food and desserts, all drinks included and I have put money aside for it.

Since I lost my job, I have been job hunting, budgeting and attempting to spend very little and I cannot wait to have this lunch. I went shopping and brought really fun and cheap presents and I have one more person to shop for today.

I have been applying for jobs this morning and I have set up two templates for my business blogs.

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  1. I wonder if you were in Westfield when I was today? The spirit was really good up pushing or shoving or aggro which is great.

    Merry Christmas...hope you enjoy your lunch with your friends