Saturday, December 6

Saturday ...

I've been up since 8am.

The sun was shining, it was boiling hot out and I walked up to the local garage to get something to eat and drink while circling jobs in the newspaper.

Turns out that while I ate my banana, drank my water and dipped some water crackers into a yummy cheese spread in the sun ... I wasn't circling many jobs. Make that about 8 jobs in 36 pages. I am looking in the city or close enough to my home to ensure that I don't waste my time on public transport, I'm looking at salary range and I am looking at my own personal experience.

So there are customer service positions, shop assistant positions and one or two coordinator positions. It is December and I can't expect the paper to be full of the right work just for me.

So I came home from sitting on the grass and applied for one or two positions, then I applied for 3 or 4 other positions and then I applied for temp work. I have over 7 years of business office administration experience.

I also marketed and publicised my shop, arranged events and have been doing all the admin and networking for my last role. I'd love to be a marketing communications coordinator, a marketing assistant, a marketing officer ... once I get my entire leg in the door, I think I have the skills for that.

Am I overqualified?

Or do I not have the right qualifications for marketing and communications positions? I think I should be looking at qualifying myself further.

I'd like to do temp work to tide me over in the meantime. And possible volunteer work. I need to fill my days. It is now 12pm and I have been home on the Internet looking for work for over 2 hours.

In the meantime and before taking the day to go for a walk, eat the rest of my crackers and read ... I have a shop assistant position to apply for.

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  1. getting more qualifications never hurts. investing in yourself is always wise during a downturn anyway. hang in there. work is work. money is money. you are who you are. you can keep those streams separate until you get things sorted. good luck. and yes you would kill at those poistions once you get in the door :)