Sunday, December 7

Life etc

Gardening is therapeutic. 

Okay I am not sure what weeds actually are, so I chopped away at whatever looked like a weed. then I chopped back the palm trees so I can get some sun into my courtyard. It took me hours. Once I started pulling out weeds, I couldn't stop.

And then I chopped and pruned the entire courtyard. I've got sun coming in and it looks great. It's all pruned down and chopped and cut back and everything is growing. I added more soil to some plants which are finally growing, cleared away dead leaves, chopped away at an entire bulk of weed stuff or weed looking stuff and three hours later, I was filthy. My hands have dirt in them and it feels good.

While I was erm weeding and chopping and getting some sun in, I chatted with my neighbour who was hanging out her washing upstairs and was chatting to the neighbours next door, so gardening is sociable as well. And tiring. Palm leaves are awkward and heavy.

My friend came over and she and I drove to Coogee Beach and ate pizza on the grass. We came back, examined my courtyard which looks really healthy and full of light and chatted over coffee.

I just have to remember that my life is not just looking for work or being alone. There is always someone who can meet for lunch or have a coffee. I have all week to look for work, I just need to mix it up a bit. I plan to break up my days with a walk or something social and not make job hunting my entire existence. 

Molly Blue - my budgie has never seen me home so much - she has taken to flying on my head and she even let me touch her without squawking. Now that is progress.

I just finished applying for 5 more marketing assistant positions and now I am going to take a much needed bath.

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