Wednesday, December 3

Start over ...

For those of you who know me, I have been made redundant twice.

I had to be 'let go' when I was working for a theatre company as an admin assistant which I loved. I loved my boss, we got on really well. And it was a hard one. I had been looking for work for such a long time until I found that job and when I was 'let go' I started crying and she had to hug me. Pathetic.

All I could think of was, I am going to be unemployed again and I have to look for work again.

The first time I was made redundant, I was working in a magazine section and they had to let all 8 of us go. That was fine. The job was a strange one. We had delicious lunch on the premises and had to read and summarize magazine articles. The faster we went the better. I don't remember how I felt when I was 'let go' from that job - although I do remember it was just before the Christmas party. We all went to the Christmas party and I told one of the girls who was off that day so she wouldn't be 'let go' at a party. I remember being quite pleased, it was a strange job.

And now, in the time of Australia's worst recession I was 'let go' yesterday afternoon. I am torn between relief and anger. I didn't like working such long hours and doing 7 hours a day but I worked really hard. I stayed half an hour overtime about 4 nights a week. I got up at 6:36 am to get to work on time and got home at 8pm most nights. I put a lot into that job. And I got a lot out, I feel like a real blogger and networker now.

I did all the admin, I did all the networking, I really believed that I did an excellent job. I resented the fact that I didn't get paid enough and I put in a lot to the job. I networked, I contacted PR companies, wrote and researched blog posts, answered all the queries, enrolled students, handled all the complaints. I worked on my own for four weeks and did everything.

And then, I get 'let go' In a time where there are thousands and thousands of unemployed people. So instead of a low salary, I am not getting a salary at all. But I am relieved that I get my life back. I do not have to get home at 8pm anymore.
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I've already registered at an agency and applied for jobs today. I am very very scared that I will be out of work for a long time. And this has all taught me one thing, don't let work become your life. I worked and worked and worked and worked. I got paid so little, I worked overtime and I continued to work. I should have left. And I would not have been in this position.

So while I do get a chance to start over, to ask for a reasonable salary and less hours, I will not put myself in a position where an employer does not consider staffs' needs. I need a work/life balance and I am determined to start over.

Hopefully this is the third and last time I will be made redundant.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the rotten job and the being let go although it does sound like you were a bit of a general dogsbody. I really wish you well. Hang in there... you have a lot of skills