Wednesday, December 17

Movies, marketing and job hunting ...

That sums up what I have been doing since Sunday.

I have also been chopping up weeds in the garden, it's really therapeutic and it took me two hours yesterday. I dragged a garden bin up and down the stairs and I pruned the bits of the tree I could reach so now the tree looks like a 3 year old's drawing of a tree. I accidentally chopped whole bits off while pulling the weeds out and now it looks all arty.

I designed my PowerPoint presentation and my business cards for my business and I have spent the past few days reading a small business marketing book and an online marketing book. I am going to an Xmas party tonight with my cards to start networking and I am looking at which networking groups to join and where.

Even though I am still applying for work, the job hunting has slowed down. It's a week before Christmas and even though I have spoken to a few agencies, they will now be looking in the beginning of January again. I have been putting my name down and I am still applying for work even though i now know that I probably won't get hired before Christmas.

It gives me plenty of time to do my own networking and marketing as well as reading the business books on my table. I have advertised myself for dog walking and pet minding as well so my fingers and toes are crossed.

I have loved starting this business and I have loved looking into social marketing and networking. It really is me. I love researching information. I love finding things out. I love searching for relevant information. I love the idea of speaking to people, meeting people and hearing about their businesses.

I have also been watching a lot of movies on Foxtel. I watch them while I am applying for work and researching marketing networks and sites. It's been a bit of a background things for me over the past week and a bit.

It's so sunny out and I have to keep finding things to do apart from job hunting and my own business that keeps me busy and interested. I am reading three books at once, a crime fiction, a book about a food critic and a chick lit.

It's hard keeping busy but it has been wonderful finding things to do. Now that I have designed my business cards and thanks to Pops they are all laminated and ready to go, my business feels real. It feels even more real now that I am marketing it and telling people about it.

And tonight, I plan to network and speak to a few people and to hand out my business cards. It's been an amazing and full week.

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