Saturday, December 13

marketing, networking and communications

I got library books to study marketing, communications and networking for my business and to help me get some ideas.

I've designed business cards and I am working on a plan and a business tag, it's been great. I am babysitting tonight so I am going to apply for jobs at my sis's place because that took a slide today.

I went to the Junction in 34 degree heat, shopped for flip flops, went to the library, and had an amazing breakfast. I've spent over 3 times my budget today and I have some bills to pay so I will have to tighten up a bit.

I love the sunglasses, bikini, thongs and board shorts but they were so unnecessary and yet I feel so good. I haven't spent much, I've been keeping a very low profile and that in itself can be depressing.

I have found it hard looking for work everyday. I have contacted agencies, shops, businesses and I have heard a few nos and nothing else. It's a bad time to be unemployed. I would love to have income so I can really enjoy the summer. I could eat salads at the beach, buy kitsch bracelets and rings and that's why I think that having income justifies treating yourself and enjoying yourself.

I haven't been out much except to job centres and to get out of the place and go for walks. I've been walking/catching the bus. I eat at home and stay in every night but next week that will have to change.

I need to start networking and marketing my business hence the books and I am planning on attending functions and possibly networking events that don't cost too much to self promote.

It's a gorgeous, sunny, boiling hot day. I am going to sit in the courtyard. I can wait to apply for jobs.

Ooo and I am going to take a book called Communication Plus outside with me.

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