Thursday, December 11

Hunting ...

I have spent at least 5 hours a day looking and applying for full time work.

It's like a job in itself. I head to the Junction most days, to the agency which has my resume and records on file and I apply for marketing assistant and communications coordinator positions.

I've also applied for temporary jobs, shop assistant positions and general jobs with a focus on marketing, customer service and communications - in the hope that even if I find something temporary in the meantime, it will tide me over until I find an ideal position.

I like seeing what is available and what types of salaries companies and recruitment agencies are offering. Some jobs sound incredible and there is so much I can actually do.

I have been extremely lucky being involved with books and publishing houses for the past 4 years and I have loved social networking and marketing. I feel that I have developed my interest and knowledge of social media and being a blogger and researching on the Internet, has really benefited me.

While looking for work, I have realised that even job hunting cannot take over my entire life so I have started my own business. I have even started researching the business and deciding what I need to learn.

I am really looking into studying marketing and communications at the library and also perhaps studying next year. I feel that I can really help people improve their Social Status with my new business Social Status.

I have really grown since I had the bookshop and every day, I am learning and growing even more.

So job hunting, going to job centres, applying for work and learning about networking has been brilliant. And reading books, watching Foxtel and walking every day has been fantastic ... so far.

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