Sunday, December 21


I have read about 9 books in the last two weeks.

For every chick lit I get through I have to read a bio or memoir so I am about to start reading Ugly by Constance Briscoe and I am also reading The Man Who Ate Everything, I love reading books which help me learn and put my own life into perspective.

I have just finished All We Ever Wanted Was Everything which I really enjoyed reading. It's about 3 women whose lives fall apart. And it is written really beautifully. I like how each character was developed and I enjoy reading about women.

I have also been reading small business marketing and online marketing books, which are fascinating. And I have been reading book and marketing blogs. I am amazed at how much information there is and how much I can learn.

It's been a busy two weeks. I have set up two separate small businesses. I really want to start minding pets and I am very good at finding and minding my own so I feel that this will really be lucrative for me.

I have also been reading about careers in marketing and deciding what I would like to study further. I think a business communications diploma or a speciality in marketing so I am going to start looking for relevant courses in the new year.

I've been keeping myself and my brain really busy. And it feels wonderful.

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