Monday, November 3

Where do the weekends go?

I went for a walk, watched a movie and met friends for lunch. I made a few calls, surfed the Internet. I even did some gardening and weeding - in the rain and I have no idea what weeds are. I spent sometime with friends and then I look up and it's Monday morning ... again

Why on earth do weekends come and go so quickly? I am sure that if I hadn't been attempting to weed and if I hadn't had a lazy Saturday ... I would have got more done.

I managed to read two books Look Me In The Eye about his life with Asperger’s and
Elizabeth Flock's But Inside I'm Screaming. I loved Me & Emma - I couldn't put it down. And Elizabeth's books seem more real to me somehow because she seems to fictionalise about her own experiences.
I haven't finished her book yet.

I feel a bit blah today. I feel like there is so much I should have done over the weekend and I feel like I am getting a bit insular. I prefer staying in with books.

It's not very healthy or interesting.

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