Wednesday, October 29

just checking ...

that you were coming

... What's wrong with hiring a cleaner every fortnight and calling her because she comes to clean at sporadic hours. She sounded a bit pee'd off on the phone.
She's getting paid (she's lovely and does a far better job than I) . Make a time and stick to it. Or don't get upset if someone calls to check if you're going to show.

I'm at work and eating pasta, it's really cold out so that's my excuse.
I've been eating so much that I am starting to feel flabby. Amazingly enough my diabetes is pretty perfect. I haven't been low, I haven't felt funny in ages, I've only put on 2 or 3 kgs so it's not affecting my sugars. My sugars are averaging 9-12 on a given day.

I've been reading a great book called Salvation Creek and really enjoying it. Susan writes well, she makes me want to go live in Pittwater. And she has been through two deaths and her own cancer so this woman is someone to look up to.

My sis is leaving very soon, I wish I had more time with her. We met up and had dinner last night and I will be saying my good bye to her tonight. I wish we didn't live so far apart. I'm also thinking about how often we'd see each other if she did live here.
What with work, family, her husband, her baby girl, friends and compulsory stuff - it would be once a week or whenever we can squeeze in.

So while I was just checking, I've gone a little off centre of late.
I'm putting on weight, whingeing and eating too much.
Everything feels like an effort and I am getting worked out about trivial things in my life like cleaners and Foxtel instead of focusing on how good I have things.

Perhaps overeating makes you delirious? Or reading too much? Or working? (I wish)

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