Wednesday, November 12

sunny, sunny, sunny ...

It's the perfect sunny Sydney day. The sky is gorgeous and I am falling asleep at my desk.

I haven't been sleeping well. I've been up at 3am the last two nights and I am really feeling it now. I went to see a friend last night and then went grocery shopping at 11pm. It was great! There was no one around, I lingered and meandered and bought things I really didn't need and then had to drag all the bags up the garage stairs and then up the stairs to my place.

The night before Hemmy had a fight with Saskia and Molly Blue refused to go back into her cage. When I woke up at 3, I tried to get her back in while she tried to sink her beak into my hand. She flew off squawking like this crazy thing and conked her head on the bathroom wall. She knocked herself into the bath and lay there for what felt like hours but was only a minute or so. I just sat there saying her name until she woke up and finally let me put her back into her cage. I thought she was dead.

In the morning Saskia bit my hand while I was trying to feed her so I have a graze across my palm. I also have mozzy bites and scratches because I tried to de weed around a tree and clear out some branches. I ended up getting scratched instead.

So I'm thinking I'm going to hire a gardener for a day, to help me de weed, clear up all the dead stuff and plant some great trees in the courtyard. I think it will be worth it because I have trouble working out which the weeds are and which the native Australian plants are. Everything looks like weeds to me.

I've been reading Red Dress Walking which I am finding really intriguing. They're such an odd couple who seem to fit well, so I can't wait to read what happens and why their relationship fell apart.

Work has been busy today, I have been enrolling people and taking course enquiries all day. I've sent and received about 50 emails. I'm really trying to stay awake and I am just warbling.

I can't wait to get home, to chat to some friends about books and eat some of the yummy looking food I got last night.

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